While you’re waiting for more news and updates . . .

For the time being we’ve finished our fundraising here at CMO, and as we still slowly but steadily recover from the holidays, we’re getting the ball rolling again on interviews. Meanwhile, in lieu of any real news, I thought I’d entertain you all here at the CMO blog by telling you a little bit more about this project while also letting you know who we –the people making this film — are.

Back in 2004, filmmaker Hansi Oppenheimer started putting together a movie about rabid Replacements fans that she called Color Me Obsessed. After nearly four years of work on it, she signed a deal with What Were We Thinking Films and writer/director Gorman Bechard to take over the project. Since then, the focus of the film has moved away from telling the story of obsessed Replacements fans to telling the story of the Replacements through their obsessed fans.

Now — who we are:

Gorman Bechard (Director) has been making movies since the early 1980’s. His latest is called Friends (With Benefits), which is currently garnering accolades as it makes the film fest rounds. He’s also the director of the award-winning drama, You Are Alone and the cult film, Psychos in Love, among others, and he’s the author of seven novels. In 1983, “the most obnoxious band [he’d] ever seen” opened for R.E.M. at Toad’s Place, in New Haven. “The freaking guitarist wore a dress,” he said, and “the bass player looked like he was 14 years old.” He’s never been the same since.

Hansi Oppenheimer (Producer and the person upon who’s original idea this film is based) is the woman behind Troubled Girl Films whose credits include CMO as well as the short, Riding the Broom, a film about love spells. In addition to making films, she’s appeared as an extra in countless TV shows. Making a film about obsessed Mats fans would seem only natural, since she’s an obsessed Mats fan herself (she even has Paul Westerberg’s autograph tattooed on her body).

That’s all for now. In the coming days, I’ll finish our little round-up of who’s who on the CMO crew.


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