Our co- and associate producers:

Jim Leftwich (co-producer) became a diehard ‘Mats fan at the tender age of 14 after hearing “Gary’s Got a Boner” on NYU college radio. He cherishes memories of 1984 and 85 shows at the defunct Ritz club in NYC. The CMO documentary is a true labor of love. Musical tastes (old age?) have evolved to a fascination with the blues but the CMO project has reawakened his love of independent rock. During the day Jim masquerades as a college library director. By night he tries to channel the spirit of Jim Thompson in his pursuit of penning the great American novel.

Jan Radder (co-producer) started working in movies as a fifteen-year-old production assistant on the cult film, Psychos in Love. Since then he’s been a teacher, a union organizer, a stay-at-home dad, and a writer. Currently, in addition to co-producing this film, he’s finishing work on a memoir about punk rock and independent filmmakers called Immature Loser Punk while maintaining a blog of the same name. He would like readers of this blog to know that even though he moved to Minneapolis sixteen years ago it was not because he’s obsessed with the Replacements, but rather because he’s obsessed with Hüsker Dü.

Ed Valauskas (associate producer) is the Label and Studio Manager at Q Division in Boston where he also produces records for artists like Eli “Paperboy” Reed. He also plays bass in The Gravel Pit, The Gentlemen, and Jenny Dee & The Deelinquents and has toured with Graham Parker and Juliana Hatfield.


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