Takin’ a Ride (to the Hub)

As I write this we are in the midst of a whirlwind round of interviews in Boston on this, our second official day of shooting. Yes, yes, I know — two months is a long time to go between shooting days, but that’s sometimes what happens when nearly everyone involved has a day job. Anyway, we’re making up for lost time by conducting a grand total of five interview sessions with seven different people. Who are they? Let’s meet ’em:

Interview 1
George Skaubitis: George was the New England Radio Promo guy for Warner Brothers.

Interview 2
David Minehan: His band, The Neighborhoods, was a frequent opening act for the Mats back in the day. Dave also went on to play guitar in Paul Westerberg’s backing band in the 90’s.

Interview 3
Mike Gent: Songwriter, vocalist and guitarist of The Figgs, he’s also toured with Tommy Stinson as part of his backing band. He plans to talk about seeing the Replacements and how they’ve influenced him.

Interview 4
Jeff Ahearn, Steve Crotty, Brooke Fletcher: All of the Boston band AM Stereo, these three are all big Mats fans.

Interview 5
Bill Janovitz: Guitarist, vocalist, and songwriter for Buffalo Tom, Bill is another musician influenced by the Minneapolis quartet.

We started our first interview at eleven this morning and won’t be done with the last until sometime around nine tonight. Then, of course, the film crew won’t be rolling back into Connecticut until sometime after midnight after which they’ll get a couple hours of sleep before getting up tomorrow morning for their day jobs. But then who really needs sleep? Certainly not low-budget filmmakers!


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