Grant Park, Chicago

Were you at the last Replacements show and do you still live in Chicago? On Sunday, June 13, we’re getting together a group of people who witnessed the last Mats concert to talk about what they saw. Interested? Send an email to, subject line “GRANT PARK.”


4 responses to “Grant Park, Chicago

  1. I remeber how hot it was that day and that Paul and Slim where haning out behind the band shell and were very approachable. I’ll be honest, I was much too frightened to go and say hello to someone I thought a legand in Paul. This was the ninth or tenth show I’d seen and was very pumped up. Material Issue was on the bill as well. They sucked. The show went on and they passed their instruments to their roadies and they were gone, forever as we now know. I have talked to alot of people of say they were at the Last Jerry Garcia dead show, but I’m proud to say I was for the last, the last show for the best fucking rock band ever. This might not be what your looking for but I can still feel the heat from the day, the smell of ribs(taste of chicago) and the sound of the band that meant and means the most to me.

    • I witnessed The Replacements “second to last” show at Summerfest in Milwaukee. It was one of those unfortunate horrible shows. I’m fairly sure they were tripping or for mighty sure very, very blasted (how rare). Still I wish I would have been in my hometown of Chicago the next day for the unforeseen finale. They we…re the best, bar none. Therefore, they should reunite in the town where they left off, and at a club that I’m pretty sure they played before, Metro.

  2. I’m way late to the party, but oh well…
    I was fortunate enough to be at that Grant Park show in ’91. I grew up backstage at Petrillo bandshell (and the earlier bandshell that preceeded it)…My mom played viola in the Grant Park Symphony for 45 years. So i knew the Stage Manager, John D., an old-school South-Side black gentleman; one of the nicest guys ever. He taught me how to throw a baseball when i was like 5. Later, he got me in to see some good blues acts (Muddy in ’80) and others, and then i remember at that ‘Mats show, he was perplexed, “You wanted to see THESE guys?” (after hearing a bit of their loose, noisy rock n roll).

    So I was backstage before the show and Tommy & Paul were just kind of milling around and I kind of hovered around a bit, you could tell they somewhat amped up and talking privately with each other over in the corner, (in retrospect, they were clearly discussing the last gig details, which nobody was privy to at the time). I scraped up the nerve to ask them a few things, but i was nervous and couldn’t think of anything worthwhile. “You guys just got back from Europe? What cities? duh…Tommy answered but I could tell I was just bugging them, so I kind of left them alone. I remember i brought in a cassette boom box so i could record the WXRT transmission, which i did. After the show, i went back to collect that and noticed Paul left behind 2 of his personal cassettes, an Atlantic R&B comp, which has Flip Flop & Fly and others) and Steel Wheels by the Stones. (both are manufactured cassettes). I still have those tapes somewhere in my boxes of crap in my dad’s basement in Chicago. I remember seeing Smithereen Pat DiNizio backstage. One of my favorite memories of this show was Paul throwing in “Valerie”into one of their songs, (Valerie Go Round?), giving a nod or piss-take to Material Issue who played first. Also thee best was Paul screaming “F#CK!F#CK!F#CK!F#CK!F#CK!” on one song (was it Someone Take The Wheel?) I’m sure XRT told him, “Remember Paul, no swearing on the air” hahaha…

    I also have a good drinking gig story re; Paul in Austin at Liberty Lunch (drunk on Rumplemintz, Slim told me) and the next night in Houston at Power Tools (He must’ve been sober, Best Mat’s gig i ever saw, truly inspired!!) and some pics of the in-store signing (in full 70’s polyester attire) at Waterloo Records, including a photo of the guy (allegedly) who recorded When The Shit Hits The Fans. I just took a snapshot of the guy someone told me, “That’s the guy…”

  3. Anthony Diaz-Perez

    I was there at the Petrillo bandshell in about the 5th row. I had seen a few Mats shows that tour in Chicago and Kalamazoo. Early on in the set it was clear they were a little over it. I don’t remember a lot of specific but I do remember, Paul screaming FUCK, I smiled knowing it was a radio simulcast. I also remember the encore with the boys all switching instruments and doing “hootenany”. Which was way cool. We left wondering if they were splitting up. Which they were.

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