Updates in 4

Anyone who’s stopped by this blog recently will notice that it’s been a long time since the last post. That’s because for the past month or so we’ve kicked into high gear so let me update you all on what we’ve been doing and where we’ve been.

1. Minneapolis:
A total of nine shooting days that went from nine in the morning until nine or ten at night meant that we left Minneapolis having done a total of forty-five interviews. For now we’re keeping the details of just exactly who we spoke to under wraps, but I can say that the people we talked to were absolutely amazing — thanks to all of them for giving us some of their time.

2. Chicago:
In addition to a few one-on-one interviews over three days, we got together a group of fans in Grant Park who were there at the last-ever Replacements on July 4, 1991.

3. Chapel Hill, NC:
It was just a single weekend, but we came away with a set of great quotes and insights from the likes of Mac McCaughan of Superchunk, Matt Gentling of Archers of Loaf, musician Matt Ryan, and David Robert, the original owner of Cat’s Cradle.

4. New York:
We spoke to former Twin Cities resident and current New York Times writer, David Carr.

Up next we’ve got another date in NYC, a trip to the West Coast, and a return engagement in Minneapolis and Chicago.


2 responses to “Updates in 4

  1. I am yet another that firmly believes that The Replacements were the best band of all time. I don’t need to rationalize this here, especially given this venue. I would like to learn when you (whomever “you” may be) are in Chicago again and have a drink, story or whatever. I must say that I am a bit reluctant to invest in the film over the internet, but I obviously love the subject matter, so I am trying to find out a bit more. Peace.

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