Attention LA Folks

Are you an obsessive über-fan of the Mats? Do you have a great story about the band, like the first time you heard them, how you saw them play the most amazing show you ever saw, or how the band may have saved your life? Do you live in the LA area? Drop us an email at We’ll be in Los Angeles the week of July 12.


One response to “Attention LA Folks

  1. I got a great Mats story from los Angeles. Maybe great is too stong an adjective. Late 80’s aids bennefit called Help at Club Lingere, in which all artists involved were to play Beatle covers(clever right?) Anyway There were a load of great acts, funny thing is I cant remember a single one…Well I do remember one. They were in town for a 2 night stand at the Paladium as I remember. Its getting late at the Lingere. You could barly see the brick backdrop. I look at the door and in walks Paul and Slim visibly altered by spirits of some sort. I soiled my calzones. Then in walks Tommy. Im sitting at the end of the bar about 20 yards from the door and Tommy is walking straight up to one of the few Mexicans in attendance that night; me. I lost sight of Paul and Slim as I my eyes were fixed at on a glowing Tommy making a be-line for me(perhaps he was attracted to big Mexicans?) Tommy stops right in front of me and says”hey man ,ya got any rails?” Not really being into drugs at all I said” uh naw but Ill buy” before I could finish he walked away. About 20 minets after that exchange Paul and Slim get up on stage. How they got there im still nor sure. Idont remember if Cris was there or not and Tommy must have found his “rails” as I dont remeber him onstage. Paul and Slip wispered into each others ears for a wee bit and then broke into the sloppiest version of the Rolling Stones Heart of stone. Slime knew the changes kind of and Paul made some strange vocalizations for the verse but when it was time to sing the line” you can never break never break never break, this heart of stone, They sang it with more passion and grace that I have ever heard before or since. Only Paul would have the guts to go up in front of a packed house and sing a Stones song at a Beatles event( super clever!)
    I have one of Pauls Lp Juniors(autographed) that I will part with and sell and split up the loot and donate for the making of this film .

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