How to Get a Screening in Your Town

Hello all,

We’ve been getting lots and lots of requests from folks asking us to send Color Me Obsessed to their town for a screening. For those of you who’d like the movie to play locally, here’s how to get it:

We need theatres like the Northwest Film Forum in Seattle. Look it up. See what they book. If it’s a chain like Landmark, it won’t work. If it books movies only for a week at a time. it won’t work. We need a theatre that books INDIE movies for one or two nights, or a weekend. We need someone in the town to pester the hell out of them, and set it up. This is GRASSROOTS…you will need to do the legwork. This is how Vancouver, Chapel Hill & Atlanta happened. And don’t do it on Facebook. Do research, then send me an email:



2 responses to “How to Get a Screening in Your Town

  1. michael s heiges

    Silent Movie Theater in Los Angeles on Fairfax. I think you can get ahold of them through Cinefamily. Great place, good people. This is exactly the kind of thing they do. Just hosted William Badgley’s KARP doc and it sold out presale.

    • Hi there!

      Sorry about the profanity. We actually have already done some screenings in LA at the Downtown Independent back in November. If you’d like to see about trying to get another screening in LA, please do get in touch with the theater you mentioned. All of our screenings now are grassroots affairs which means that the people who want them put them together. Once you’ve done all the legwork — finding out their interest, when they’d like to show it, and anything else pertaining to a screening, email us at and let us know all the details. This is how pretty much all of our screenings aside from festivals have been put together. Thanks, and good luck!

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