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Color Me Obsessed on DVD

Hey Folks,

Color Me Obsessed is available on DVD now at both Amazon and Best Buy.  The deluxe two-dvd set includes 19 deleted scenes, full interviews with Grant Hart, Robert Christgau, and Greg Kot & Jim DeRogatis, behind the scenes interviews, two commentaries, and four trailers.



How to Get a Screening in Your Town

Hello all,

We’ve been getting lots and lots of requests from folks asking us to send Color Me Obsessed to their town for a screening. For those of you who’d like the movie to play locally, here’s how to get it:

We need theatres like the Northwest Film Forum in Seattle. Look it up. See what they book. If it’s a chain like Landmark, it won’t work. If it books movies only for a week at a time. it won’t work. We need a theatre that books INDIE movies for one or two nights, or a weekend. We need someone in the town to pester the hell out of them, and set it up. This is GRASSROOTS…you will need to do the legwork. This is how Vancouver, Chapel Hill & Atlanta happened. And don’t do it on Facebook. Do research, then send me an email:


Q&A with Grant Hart and Gorman Bechard after Brussels screening

Tickets for NYC Screening…

Go on sale today (September 13) at 1pm EDT. They are expected to quickly sell out. If you plan on going, get them ASAP. Here’s the links:

Tickets for Wednesday, November 16 @ 7pm

Tickets for Thursday, November 17 @ 7pm

Press for CMO and Minneapolis Updates

In this week’s Onion A.V. Club: Twin Cities, Christopher Bahn interviews Gorman about Color Me Obsessed. You can read that here.

As to the Minneapolis screenings, all three are now officially sold out.

CIMM Fest Tickets On Sale Tomorrow

Tickets for the Chicago International Movies and Music Festival screening of Color Me Obsessed go on sale tomorrow (Thursday, March 10). You can buy them here.

Welcome to the page where we will post news & updates on the making of COLOR ME OBSESSED, from delveopment, right through filming, editing, film festivals, and distribution.  So stay tuned, it’s sure to be a bumpy ride.  But then what else would you expect from a film about the Replacements?

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