DVD/BluRay Info and New Screenings

Hello all!

It’s been a while since we’ve updated the blog here but we have a couple announcements.

First up is that the DVD and BluRay of Color Me Obsessed is set to come out sometime this summer. Expect loads of extras.

And second, we’ve got a ton of new screenings:

2/16 Gloucester, MA

3/9 Lawrence, KS

3/9 Baton Rouge, LA

3/17 Croatia

3/29 Melbourne

4/5 Wilmington, DE

4/12 Atlanta, GA

5/15 Portland, OR

Hope you can make it to one of them!


Q&A with Grant Hart and Gorman Bechard after Brussels screening

Tickets for NYC Screening…

Go on sale today (September 13) at 1pm EDT. They are expected to quickly sell out. If you plan on going, get them ASAP. Here’s the links:

Tickets for Wednesday, November 16 @ 7pm

Tickets for Thursday, November 17 @ 7pm

Ticket Info for NYC Screening

NYC – tickets for the two screenings and after-party tribute at Bowery Electric go on sale TOMORROW…Tuesday…at 1 PM on the Ticketweb.com website.

A partial list of the musicians playing the Mats tribute will be announced at NOON tomorrow.

The dates, once again, are Wednesday, November 16th and Thursday, November 17th…

If you plan on going, please buy your tickets as soon as they go on sale. Both shows are expected to sell out quickly.

Stay tuned…

Spinner names CMO as one of the “best music docs of all time”

That’s right — all time. And they put us in a list that includes the likes of Gimme Shelter, The Last Waltz, The Devil and Daniel Johnston, Anvil! The Story of Anvil, and Dig!. Pretty heady company. Here’s what they said about us:

Making a film about a band while refusing to include any interviews, stock footage, music or images that feature any members of the group might sound like documentary suicide, but for director and Replacements obsessive Gorman Bechard, it was a truly inspired experiment. In choosing to focus on everyone surrounding the Replacements, from fellow musicians and scenesters to critics and fans, and exploring their thoughts and feelings about the band, Bechard hasn’t just made a good film about the rockers, he’s created the ultimate testament to music nerd fandom and just how important the right band can be to the people who love them.

You can read the whole article here.

A Whole Slew of New Screenings

If you haven’t recently, head over to our screenings page and check out all the new screenings. We’re playing Southern Utah, Eugene, Miami, New Haven, New York, London, Barcelona, Tuscon and Minneapolis (again).

New Portland Screening Announced & Philly Details

Hey all,

We’re thrilled to announce that Color Me Obsessed will be playing in Portland, OR on Friday, September 30th at 8pm as part of the Jackpot Records Music & Film Festival. There are 600 seats available at the venue and admission is FREE, so first come first served. You can check out the rest of the details at the JRMFF Facebook page here.

We also have the details on when and where we’re playing at the Philly Film and Music Festival. Color Me Obsessed will be playing Friday, September 23 at 8:30pm. You can buy tickets here.